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As a forty-something woman living an ordinary life in suburban Australia, Marie had the loving family, the supportive partner, and the fulfilling career; everything she had ever wanted. She was fit and felt healthy. But under the surface lurked a silent threat that would turn her world upside down and in one swift stroke, putting everything in perspective.


Dare to Choose chronicles Marie’s story as a cancer survivor, recounting the moments following the devastating news and the incredible life transformation that she underwent to take back control of her body and her fate, turning her disease into an opportunity to become the best version of herself she could possibly be; stronger, healthier, and more open to belief and love than ever before.


Dare to Choose is also the fulfilment of a personal promise. The promise to give back, reach out, and lend a hand through her words to all others who might be travelling down an unexpected fork in the road. This book is your wake-up call.


After undergoing procedures to extricate the tumours that were all over her body, Marie was ready and committed to embrace a better, healthier lifestyle. In this book, she will guide you through the process of rethinking the way you eat, the stuff you bring into your home, and understanding the nutrients that you do (or don’t!) feed your body.


Marie guides you in relearning how to breathe by incorporating a meditation practice into your life, and teaches you about exercises to strengthen core muscles and fight off the pressures of aging and the threat of disease.


The powers of belief and love were the cornerstones of Marie’s self-healing journey from the beginning of her diagnosis, and she wants you to feel moved and encouraged to believe in your own transformation as something totally possible. By giving love and being open to receiving love, you will be able to take steps towards your healing journey, no matter what you are facing.

Dare To Choose

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