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“Sometimes the only way to move forward... is to Retreat.”

Escape the daily routine, rejuvenate your mind and love up your body, all while being supported every step of the way by like-minded women in a breath-taking environment.

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Author, inspirational speaker, retreat guide and so much more... I'm here to cheer people on and help them bare witness to their own journey.


Through my own life experiences I now live by the motto that “no matter what you are facing or going through in life, YOU have the power to make changes and create new miracles."


Ultimately, you have the power to choose what  you are believing and telling yourself about your life.


 Life is about choices, believing in yourself, and having the courage to face all of your fears. No matter what we are facing it’s up to you how you react, what you accept, and what you believe.


Change your story, change your life!

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Dare to Choose is about inspiring people to look at the choices they are making and asking themselves are these choices serving them well. Are they living life on their terms or are they bound by fear? 

Every day we are faced with having to make choices. Sometimes fear stops us from choosing what we really want and we find ourselves choosing something that feels safer and not necessarily something that we truly want but we do it anyway. 


The Dare to Choose community encourages you to step outside of the fear zone and choose things and do things that make you happy, that add value to your life. 

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A Journey of Self Healing

Dare to Choose chronicles Marie’s story as a cancer survivor, recounting the moments following the devastating news and the incredible life transformation that she underwent to take back control of her body and her fate, turning her disease into an opportunity to become the best version of herself she could possibly be; stronger, healthier, and more open to belief and love than ever before.

Dare to Choose is also the fulfillment of a personal promise. The promise to give back, reach out, and lend a hand through her words to all others who might be travelling down an unexpected fork in the road. This book is your wake-up call.




European Summer/Autumn 2024

With a culture rich “real Greece” vibe you will be embraced, fed, taught to dance and discover the ancient

ways of the local people in the villages, how to "Get Back To Basics"  and simplify your life to increase your longevity

& herbal healing! You will be taken in by the love and light the coastal village of PYLOS provides all that visit. This energy of passion for life, alongside our Discover Your Inner Goddess retreat, provides the perfect balance of holiday and healing.

Our retreat itinerary is planned down to the final detail for your enjoyment, adventure and relaxation. Everything we offer is tap in, tap out so take what you please and rest when you need.




Introducing the "Dare to Choose You Retreats" T-Shirt Collection - a stylish and empowering way to celebrate your journey of self-discovery and personal growth.


These t-shirts go beyond fashion; they're a symbol of courage, authenticity, and the choices we make to prioritize ourselves. 


Each t-shirt proudly features our exclusive retreat logo and branding, making it a unique and meaningful addition to your wardrobe.


By wearing these t-shirts, you'll feel connected to a community of like-minded individuals who believe in the power of self-care and empowerment.



I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to participate in such an amazing weekend retreat with Dare to Choose & Marie Chronopoulos.


It was exactly what I needed and I have come away almost feeling like a different person. Marie, Rose and Lili were all absolutely awesome. I felt supported every step of the way. One of the highlights was the Hammam Steam bath experience.


Though the best part really was meeting such an amazing group of women. I will certainly be focusing more on self care moving forward. I certainly felt incredibly  pampered during the whole experience and my expectations were well untruly exceeded.

~Michelle. K

POW !’  I have just enjoyed the most exhilarating weekend at a ‘Dare to Choose You Retreat ‘ hosted by Maria Chronopoulos in the leafy folds of the Daylesford hills. 


With a massage at the ancient Hepburn Springs Spa, so began the laying of foundations towards self love in order for me to reconnect to my body. Marie adds a sprinkle of simple rituals that ignites positive self talk to embrace your day. Her insight in the techniques of meditation and visualisation came first hand as she herself overcame a rare cancer. 


However the most sensational experience was the fact that every woman present found a facet of themselves inspired by her  enthusiasm. Whether it was the steam of the Turkish Hammam which leaves your body buzzing with exhilaration and renewed enthusiasm to be the best person you can be for myself. 

Or the wholesome vegetarian cuisine, prepared by the most authentic women ever to grace a kitchen. Having her care and creativity woven into every morsels of food that nourishes our soul. Marie’s wholistic approach to healing the very essence of a ‘Women’s needs’ was like a magical elixir that guided us into embracing our inner goddess. 


The friendships you take away add to the colourful tapestry of this luxurious weekend. 

~ Rachel B. 

I’ve been on a few retreats so I thought I knew what to expect but this was beyond all my expectations. The hospitality, the love , the warmth of Marie and the girls .. was so gentle and I instantly felt I was in a safe place . I’m not good at putting into words about the whole experience all I know is if you’ve ever wanted to do a retreat then this is the one !!! 

Thank you Marie our beautiful host.

Thank you Lilly and Rose “ the darling helpers “. 

Thank you Jason for just being you.

Thank you Sophia for the amazing food. 

Sending you all my love and light.


~Maria. C



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